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About InscriptiFact Standalone Viewer Usage

You can view multiple RTIs in this viewer. The size of the RTIs affects the performance dramatically. We have allocated about 1300 MB RAM for this application. That should be sufficient to open two RTIs of about 140-150 MB each side by side and obtain a reasonable performance.

Toolbar Functionality:

Open: This button is used to select a RTI file to display. The RTI file is displayed in an internal frame. The frame can be closed, minimized and maximized. The functionality is exactly the same as the Desktop Viewer in Inscriptifact. Please ensure that the RTI is fully loaded before trying other operations. A Progressbar indicates the status of the loading.

Save: Save button enables one to save the current view as a JPEG or BMP file for now.

Zoom In: This button allows to do a centered zoomin. The RTI will be resized and centered around the point of interest( mouse click location).

Zoom Out: Allows the user to zoom out one level down. The RTI will be centered at the point of interest.

SelZoom: Allows to zoom several levels up based on the aspect ratio and selected area.

Pan: Allows you to move the RTI in any direction

Fit: Will resize the RTI to fit into the available window.

Properties: Displays information about the RTI( current active).

Full Screen: Toggles the navigation panel on the left hand side.

Light: Click on this button to allow interactivity with the mouse. The mouse movement changes the light direction.

Options:This button allows user to choose the light source from Directional, LocalLight and SpotLight. An additional light can be introduced using the Dual Lights Menu

Effects: This button has a drop down that allows user to select the effects like DiffuseGain, Specular, Normals and switch off effects.

Controls: Based on the effects and Light Source, this drop down allows you to select values from sliders to control the light parameters.

About: This brings up the about box.

To start Inscriptifact Standalone Viewer v9.1: Download the viewer

You'll receive a warning, but start anyway. Ignore the message and proceed. The InscriptiFact Project verifies that this code is safe.